Catholic Charities Utility Assistance

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In recent years, and after the pandemic especially, the cost of living have gone up significantly throughout the US.

Utilities are something we all need, whether we live in a house, trailer, or apartment.

We need to have lights, electricity, water, sewer, and possibly air conditioning, depending on where you live.

These bills from these services can add up, with the average household spending around $290 per month combined on these things.

This may be a challenge for some people who don’t make enough money, or who have fallen on difficult financial times.

The good news is that there is help, and many charity organizations that will be glad to help you out, until you get back on your feet.


Catholic Charities utility assistance is an option for those who need help paying for their monthly utility bills.

If you are behind on your gas bill, electricity bill, or another necessary utility bill, you can turn to them for assistance.

Catholic Charities utility assistance helps many people around the nation each year, paying for all or a portion of their utility bill.


How Catholic Utility Assistance Works?


If you need help paying for your utility bill you can reach out to Catholic Charities.

Utility assistance is one of many types of programs they offer around the country to help people in need. If you can demonstrate to them that you have a financial need, there is a good chance they will help you pay for your utilities.

They do this through a program of theirs called the Family Stability Program. The program helps people be able to maintain staying in their homes.


To get help through Catholic Charities utility assistance, it’s important to reach out to the location that is close to you. Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization that has over 3,000 locations around the country.

They are associated with the Roman Catholic Church and are a faith-based organization. You do not have to be Roman Catholic in order to receive assistance from the organization.


The first step in getting help is to look up your local Catholic Charities. To do that, click here.

With locations around the nation, there is a good chance that one is close to you. If you don’t find a location close to where you live, contact their main organization to see if there is something they can do to help you with utility assistance.


Once you find a location close to you, contact them to inquire about how to go about getting help with utility assistance.

They may require you to stop by their location and bring some paperwork, such as your identification and/or salary information. Their assistance is typically easy to get, but they do reserve it for those who can demonstrate that they have a financial need.

Who Qualifies for Utility Assistance?

That is a great question that we typically get from our readers. In order to qualify for utility assistance with most catholic charities, and in fact, most charity organizations, you have to prove that you are unable to pay your bills for one reason or another.

It should not be that hard though, if you can prove that you are unemployed, have a disability, or any difficult life situation that is preventing you from making enough money, they will usually approve you for utility assistance and give you that much-needed money.


Additional Charity Organizations That Will Help Pay Your Utility Bills


Catholic Charities utility assistance is a good option to consider, but there are others you can turn to as well. The more programs you know about, the more likely you are to find one that can help with paying your utility bills.

Consider the additional utility assistance options below if you need financial help.


The Salvation Army – Similar to Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army offers financial assistance to those in need.

Contact a location close to you to inquire about getting help.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – This is a national program that will help with paying utility bills. The program is federally funded and you will have to meet the low-income requirements. The program will help pay for heating and cooling bills, as well as unit repairs.


Lutheran Services in America – This faith-based organization has over 300 locations around the country. They offer a variety of assistance programs, including providing utility assistance. Locate one of their offices that are close to you so you can see about getting help from them or if they can refer you to another service.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This is a federal agency that will help people with housing issues around the country. Reach out to the location in your state to apply for help with paying utility bills.


United Way – This organization helps people locate a program near them that will provide utility assistance.

Contact them to see what programs are available in your specific area.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I get help with utility bills if I’m receiving social security benefits?

Yes. You will still qualify even if you receive social security benefits or any other type of benefits. Most of these organizations will not ask you what you already receive.


Can I get help with utility bills when working from home?

Absolutely. Many of people are working from home nowadays, and they, too can apply for help with paying their utility bills.


What organizations help with utility bills?

The catholic charities we have listed above will help you with paying your utility bills, and we also mentioned other charity organizations you can contact, regardless of your location, and they will be glad to help.




Bottom Line

The utility assistance programs are not providing loans, so you do not have to worry about ever having to pay the funds back. If you are approved for assistance, you can assume that the funds are a gift.

You may have to re-apply each time you need help, but check with the program to see what they require. Some may provide assistance ongoing, while others may offer the help only for a short time period.

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