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San Antonio, Texas


Those living in the San Antonia area may sometimes need financial assistance.

People experience such times when they are between jobs, lose a job, or are faced with injury or illness.

No matter what the reason, when a financially challenging time arises, it’s essential to get help.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio is a great place to turn to for financial assistance.


Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio is part of the national group.

The organization has over 3,000 locations around the country.

They are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, although they do not expect those they help to be religious.

They help people from all walks of faith.

Their mission is to help end poverty and provide assistance to those in need.


About Catholic Charities of San Antonio


Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio offers several locations in the area to help those in need.

Some of the locations include the Del Rio Regional Office, Guadalupe Community Center, Guadalupe Home, St.

PJ’s Children’s Home, and more. They also provide a Mobile Relief Unit that does outreach work to help people in the community.


Some of the programs that are offered through Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio include:


  • A shelter for pregnant and parenting teens that have experienced trauma and violence.
  • Refugee settlement assistance to help people who have escaped their home country and are settling in America.
  • Senior services that are aimed at helping to reduce isolation and getting people to engage in activities.
  • Family services to help with parenting classes and providing assistance as needed.
  • Counseling services to help families, individuals, veterans, and others.
  • A clothing closet where people in need can shop for free clothing.
  • A mobile relief unit that provides a food pantry, kitchen, restroom, showers, and laundry machines.
  • Tax preparation assistance.
  • A food pantry where people can shop for free for the foods they need. They also provide free boxes of food to those in need.


Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio helps many people in the area each year.

No matter what type of assistance you need, they should be able to help you, or provide you a referral to an organization that can.

The help they provide does not cost you anything, and it never has to be paid back.

They are not providing a loan. The assistance they give is considered a gift to help people in the community who are in need of financial assistance.


Additional Helpful Charities in San Antonio


In addition to contacting the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio for assistance, there are other places that you can reach out to as well.

The places listed below also offer financial assistance programs that will help with such things as obtaining food, shelter, and more.


  • San Antonio Food Bank. This organization runs a food bank, helping people to obtain free food. Each year they help many people in the area to obtain boxes of food and prepared meals. They offer programs for individuals, seniors, children, pets, and more.
  • Salvation Army. This faith-based organization is part of a national one with the same name. The Salvation Army offers locations around the country, with each one offering programs to help people in need. At the San Antonio location, they provide veteran services, a senior nutrition program, social services, and a men’s shelter.
  • SAM Ministries. This organization has a mission of helping people overcome homelessness. They provide help by offering rental assistance, utility bill payment assistance, veteran’s assistance, and long-term housing assistance. They will help people with all of their housing needs.
  • Visitation House Ministries. This organization helps fight homelessness. Those who are at risk for homelessness or who are already homeless can get assistance through their program. They provide a safe space and a support environment.
  • South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless. This organization serves the region with homelessness assistance. They provide a housing assistance program and grants.


The Bottom Line

It’s difficult to go through periods when you need financial assistance.

The good news is that you can turn to places such as Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio, and other charity organizations, for assistance.

These places will provide you with the help needed in order to ensure you are not homeless and that your basic needs are being met. Contact as many programs as you feel are close enough that you can get assistance from them.

There’s no limit to the number of programs you can get help from.