Catholic Charities of Yakima

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There are a lot of people who call the area of Central Washington home.

At times, some of them may experience financial challenges.

These are often caused by job changes or losses, an increase in the number of bills someone has, or due to injury or illness.

No matter what has lead to the financial challenge, it’s important to know where to go to get help so that basic living needs will be met. One of the most popular places people turn to is Catholic Charities of Yakima.


Catholic Charities of Yakima is part of the national organization that offers over 3,000 locations.

While the organization is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, they don’t expect the people they help to be religious. They will provide financial help to anyone in the community who needs it.

They have a long standing history of providing financial support to people in need, especially those who are facing homelessness.


About Catholic Charities of Yakima


Catholic Charities of Yakima has several locations, with each providing different services that are open to the public. The locations include:


  • This location provides services to help with pregnancy support, child, youth, and family programs, early learning and child care, affordable housing assistance, counseling and behavioral health help, elder services, and development opportunities.
  • Tri-Cities. This location provides pregnancy and parenting support, child, youth and family services, early learning and child care, counseling services, and elder services.
  • Wenatchee. This location provides help with child, youth, and family services, early learning and child care, counseling and behavioral health, and elder services.
  • Moses Lake. This location offers child, youth, and family services, early learning and child care, and counseling services.


No matter what type of financial help you need there is a good chance that Catholic Charities of Yakima will have a program in place to provide assistance.

They can help you with obtaining food, shelter, affordable housing, paying bills, getting job skills, obtaining counseling services, and more.

Contact them to see if you can move forward with obtaining assistance and which location is ideal for you to visit for the type of help you need.


Additional Helpful Charitable Organizations in Yakima


Catholic Charities of Yakima is a great place to turn to for financial assistance, but it’s not the only place you can get help from.

There are other organizations in Yakima that will help provide such things as food, clothing, shelter, and help pay utility bills. Reach out to the places below to see what type of help they can provide and how you can move forward with getting it.


  • Yakima Rotary Food Bank. This group runs a food pantry, as well as provides information to help people find other local food banks.
  • Sunrise Outreach. This organization serves the Yakima area by providing food pantries, homeless outreach, clothing banks, and a free school backpack program.
  • Salvation Army. This faith-based organization is part of a national one that offers people free hot meals, boxes of food, shelters, substance abuse programs, and much more. They offer a wide variety of services to help people in need around the country and in Yakima.
  • Selah Naches Food Bank. This is a food bank that will help you in that area and ensure your basic nutritional needs are being met. They offer various food distribution times to help people in the Yakima area.
  • I.C. of Washington. This organization provides the Yakima area with a large food bank. They support individuals and families with food services. They offer several locations in the area. The food is provided by drive-thru, walk-up, and delivery services for those who need accommodations.


There are plenty of places in Yakima that I you can turn to if you need financial assistance.

These places can help ensure your basic needs are being met.

They will provide you with hot meals that are served at the organization, give you boxes of free food to take home, give you free clothing, and more. Catholic Charities of Yakima will do these things, as well as the other organizations listed.


When organizations provide you with the assistance they are doing so without ever wanting to be paid back.

They are not providing you with loans.

It is considered a gift to help people in the community, so don’t worry about having to pay anything back.

Be sure to contact multiple charities so that you can get all the help you need to get back on your feet and make ends meet.