Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa the beautiful city located in the heart of wine country, like a lot of cities in our nation, is becoming extremely expensive and unaffordable to live in.

We all know how expensive it is to live in the state of California, add to that the recent US inflation spike, and many residents find themselves in a tough financial spot.

When that happens they are in a vulnerable time, not knowing if they will be able to meet their basic needs.

Some people fear losing their homes, while others don’t know where to get their next meal.

For these things and more, many people turn to Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa, Calif.


Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa is a helpful organization that provides a variety of assistance programs all year long, to a variety of people.

There are people from all walks of life who contact them each year, seeking help due to being financially challenged.

The good is that they heed the call and are able to provide people with the assistance they need.


All Available Catholic Charities Programs in Santa Rosa


Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa is part of the national organization that has thousands of locations around the country. Each year, they help many people with obtaining food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and much more.

They are a faith-based organization that doesn’t require you to be religious in order to receive assistance.

They have a mission of helping people to overcome poverty and ensure that their basic needs are being met.


They offer several locations in the Santa Rosa area, so you should be able to find Catholic Charities near you.

In addition to their administrative offices, they have several locations, including a family center, rainbow house, palms inn, immigration office, Middletown office, Sam Jones Hall, and more.

They also run a Napa nightingale program and a senior transportation program.


Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa Assistance Options:


  • Housing solutions. They provide shelters and housing programs to help individuals and families. Their programs offer long-term help and case management to help people become self-sufficient.
  • Immigration services.
  • Financial stability. They provide access to food, housing counseling, credit counseling, and more. If you attend two of their coaching sessions they will give you a gift card.
  • Food assistance. If you need help with food, they will provide you with groceries and meals. They will also help you apply for federal nutrition assistance.
  • Senior support. Their senior support services will check up on homebound seniors, as well as provide them with transportation.
  • Health and wellness services. They provide educational programs regarding staying healthy, including focusing on nutrition and resources that are available to people in the community.
  • Disaster recovery. Those who experience a disaster situation can get immediate help from Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. They can help provide shelter, food, clothing, and more.


Additional Charitable Programs in Santa Rosa


In addition to reaching out to Catholic Charities, there are other organizations you can contact as well for assistance.

These charitable organizations also have missions of helping people to overcome poverty, and homelessness, obtain food, and be able to pay their utility bills.


  • Salvation Army. This faith-based organization has locations around the country. They provide people in need with help regarding housing, food, clothing, and more. They have programs that also specifically help women, children, seniors, veterans, etc.
  • This organization’s mission is to help people obtain food. They provide a food pantry that helps to feed people who live in Sonoma County. They offer numerous places in the area where people can obtain free food.
  • Redwood Empire Food Bank. This organization also provides people with free food. They also help people with diapers, senior services, veteran services, and more.
  • Friends In Service Here (FISH). They provide people with food, but you don’t have to go to them. They will bring it out to you if you contact them to let them know you need help getting it. They serve all of the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County areas.


You can contact as many of these programs as you feel may be able to help you.

Also, it’s good to know that you are not receiving loans from them if they provide you with financial assistance.

They are essentially providing you with a gift that you never have to pay back.


There is no limit to the number of charities that you can contact for assistance.

Contact several of them to see if they offer a service that can help with what you need. If they can’t help you at that location, perhaps they can refer you to a location that can provide you with that service.

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