Catholic Charities of Orlando

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Orlando may be home to the “happiest place on Earth,” which is Disney, but for many people they may need financial help.

There are many people in Orlando who experience difficult financial situations, leaving them in a position of need help from programs.

One of the most popular programs that people turn to for help is the Catholic Charities of Orlando.

The organization provides people with help each year, making it a good place to know about.

In a recent post, we covered all of the catholic charities in central Florida , however, we wanted to focus specifically on Orlando, since we’ve been receiving many email from people that reside in Orlando, and need financial help.

Catholic Charities of Orlando is part of a national organization that provides helpful services to people around the country. While it’s affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, they do not require those they help to be religious or Roman Catholic. They offer over 3,000 locations around the country, providing all types of services to those in need.


In the Orlando area, Catholic Charities offers several locations, with each providing different services to the community. Here are the Catholic Charities of Orlando locations:


  • This is a multi-ministry service center in the city of Orlando. This location provides financial assistance to those in need, as well as providing food assistance.
  • Monsignor Bishop Minor. This location offers housing assistance for those who are in need. If you are homeless, need affordable housing options, or could be facing homelessness you should contact them for assistance.
  • Joseph Garden Courts. This is another location hat offers that offers assistance with housing needs. This location can also help you with all of your housing needs, including locating affordable housing options and homelessness prevention.


Catholic Charities of Orlando is able to help those who need assistance with food, financial assistance, and housing help.

If you live in the Orlando area and need help due to difficult financial times, reach out to them to see what types of services they can provide to you.

If you live in the outskirts of Orlando, there are additional Catholic Charities in Central Florida that you may find are closer to you. Check out that list to see if one of those locations is more suitable to where you live.


Additional Non-profit Organizations in Orlando


Orlando is a big city, and although Catholic Charities is there to provide people with assistance, it’s good to know of other options.

If you need help with such things as obtaining food, housing, clothing, legal assistance, or paying utility bills, you can also contact other charitable organizations in the city.

Below is a list of other places you can contact for assistance to help ensure your basic needs are being met.


  • Orlando Union Rescue Mission. This organization serves the needs of people in the community by offering free meals, a shelter, and more. If you need food or a place to stay, reach out to them for assistance.
  • Salvation Army. This national organization has a location in Orlando, and they provide people with hot meals, boxes of food, clothing, shelter, and more. They also offer family services and Christmas assistance.
  • Central Florida Have for Hope Ministries. This organization helps people in a variety of ways, including having a homeless outreach program. They also provide people with free meals, run a food pantry, give away free clothing, and will help with some medications. They also have a referral program, which will help you find the type of service you need.
  • One Heart for Women and Children. This group helps women who are in need of assistance in the Orlando area. The programs they offer provide free food, clothing, homelessness support, and more. They also provide people with items to meet their individual needs, such as providing bus passes, household goods, utility deposits, gas cards, gift cards for grocery stores, etc.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. This Orlando organization offers free hot meals, food assistance, and more. They also work with local food pantries to help keep their shelves stocked. Those who need food should reach out to them for assistance.


Those who need financial assistance in Orlando can reach out to the above organizations for help.

In case you or your loved one are disabled, and that is the reason you need help for, we highly recommend visiting, which offers literally, free money for disabled people.

Most of them can provide people with items to help meet their basic needs.

They can also refer people to additional local places that can help ensure needs are being met.

There is no limit to how many organizations you can get assistance from at one time, so contact each of them to see what services you could get help with. Between them all, you should be able to get your basic needs met and more.