Catholic Charities of Memphis, Tennessee

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West Tennessee is an area of the country where some people struggle financially. At times, they may experience financial issues that make it difficult to make ends meet.

In order to ensure that their basic needs are being met, some people may need to turn to charitable organizations for assistance. One of the more popular places that people turn to for help is Catholic Charities of Memphis.


Catholic Charities of Memphis is part of the national organization that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

The organization offers over 3,000 locations around the country, with each providing programs to help people in need.

While they are faith-based, they do not require that the people they help be religious. Their services are available to anyone in the country that needs financial assistance.


Catholic Charities of Memphis


Located on Jefferson Avenue in Memphis, Catholic Charities is a place where many people turn to who are in need of help. They provide a variety of services to assist people in the community.

If you contact them and they can’t help with the particular situation you are experiencing, then ask them for a referral. Often times, they can refer you to another location charity that may be able to help with your situation.


This location provides helpful services to individuals, families, veterans, etc. Some of the programs offered through Catholic Charities of Memphis include:


  • Food services. They offer help with obtaining food, including for emergency situations. They also provide financial assistance. With multiple locations where they provide food and pantry services, there is a good chance that one is close to you. They make it simple to receive help. You can pull your car up and they will load the food right into it. They provide four locations where you can go to get food assistance, including in three in Memphis and one in Covington.
  • Homeless resources. They provide helpful services to those who are already homeless and those who may be facing homelessness. If you are homeless or at risk for it, contact them for guidance. They have an emergency shelter and services in place to help you avoid homelessness or rise above being homeless. They can provide you with the resources you need to no longer be homeless or be at risk for becoming homeless.
  • Family services. They help people with rent, mortgage and utility assistance. Those who are struggling to pay these bills may be able to get help through the charity. Additional family services they offer include providing people with clothing, diapers, wipes, formula, and more. They also provide help with back to school supplies and academic support for children.

Other available services include: funeral and burial costs assistance, cash assistance , utility and bills assistance, and even assistance with paying for legal fees.

Should you need any of these, please apply through the links above.

If you contact Catholic Charities of Memphis and find that the particular situation you need help with isn’t a service they offer, they may be able to provide you with a referral.

They do work with other charities in the area.


Additional Helpful Charitable Organizations in Memphis


  • Mid-South Food Bank. This organization offers a food bank to help people in the Memphis area. They provide free food at several locations in the area, making it easy to find one close to you.
  • Food Ministries. This organization provides free food to those who are considered “food insecure.” Each year, they provide people with over 31,000 free meals. They also provide over 11,000 families with groceries each year.
  • Memphis Dawah Association. This organization provides a mobile pantry that helps people in the city all year long. They offer 15 mobile pantries, making it easy to find one that is close to where you will be.
  • Dorothy Day House. This organization provides shelters to help those who are homeless. They help people get on their feet and no longer be homeless.
  • Calvary Rescue Mission. This organization offers a shelter and services to help those who are homeless. They provide free meals, clothing, counseling, and more. Those who are homeless can get help with getting basic needs met through this organization and they can help provide case management.


Many people turn to Catholic Charities of Memphis for assistance.

While they provide helpful resources, there are additional places you can turn to for help.

Be sure to contact as many of the places as you need to in order to get the help you need.

There is no limit to how many places you can reach out to for help.

By contacting more than one you will be sure to get the help you need.