Catholic Charities of Lake Charles

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Southwest Louisiana has many people who have at times experienced financial difficulty.

No matter what the reason is for needing assistance, there are times when people need help from the community in order to get by.

When they are able to get the help then their basic needs will be met. Many people who need assistance in that area turn to Catholic Charities of Lake Charles.


Catholic Charities of Lake Charles is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, which offers over 3,000 locations of the organization around the country.

While they are a faith-based organization, they don’t require that you be in order to receive financial assistance.

They help everyone in the community who needs the assistance. Plus, any help they provide is considered a gift, so it’s not anything you will ever have to pay back.


Catholic Charities of Lake Charles, LA


Catholic Charities of Lake Charles aims to serve the Southwest Louisiana area with help for those who need it in the community. They offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of people who are experiencing financial difficulty.

If you find that they don’t offer help to meet your specific situation, ask them for a referral to someone who can.

They network with other charities in the area and should be able to help you find one that can provide the assistance you need.


Some of the programs offered through Catholic Charities of Lake Charles include:


  • Emergency rental assistance. Those who need help with paying their rent may be able to get it here. They offer help with paying rent for those who live in the following counties: Jefferson Davis Parish, Alan Parish, Calcasieu Parish, Cameron Parish, and Beauregard Parish.
  • Food distribution. They offer monthly food distribution and have multiple locations where the goods can be picked up. You have to show your identification to get the food assistance.
  • Utilities assistance. Those who need help with paying their utility bill may be able to get it through this organization.
  • Funeral expenses. They will provide financial assistance to cover the cost of funerals.
  • Medical transportation. They provide public bus passes to those who need help getting rides to medical appointments.
  • Referral assistance. They offer help with registering for things like welfare programs, obtaining identification cards, providing ministry, safety card administration, and more.
  • Burial and funeral assistance. We have previously posted an in-depth guide on how to get help with funeral costs, if that is something that can help you, visit the link above.


If you need assistance and live in Southwest Louisiana, contact Catholic Charities of Lake Charles.

They may be able to provide you with the assistance you need, or refer you to a place that can help with your situation.

They do also offer assistance to Spanish speaking populations and have someone on staff who can communicate in Spanish.

This is helpful to those who speak Spanish and need help with their current situation. They will have someone there who will be able to help.


Charitable Organizations in Lake Charles


In addition to Catholic Charities, there are other helpful charities in the Lake Charles area that will provide people with assistance. The organizations aim to help people in the community who need help, so be sure to reach out to them to see if they can provide help with what you need addressed.


  • Educational and Treatment Council. This organization offers a variety of services for those in the community who need them. They offer shelters, transitional living programs, and more.
  • United Way of Southwest Louisiana. They are a nationwide organization that helps people in a wide variety of ways, including with providing access to food, shelters, housing, etc.
  • Oxford House. This is self-supported housing program to help those who need transitional housing options.
  • Salvation Army. This is a faith-based organization that has locations around the country. Every location offers programs to help people in the community. They provide people with shelters, hot meals, healthcare, boxes of food, bill payment assistance, and more. Find and contact the location closest to you.
  • Waters Edge. This church offers a food pantry and homeless ministry. They provide assistance to populations in the community who need help.


In addition to contacting these places for assistance, it is also a good idea to check with your local churches.

Most churches have programs in place that will provide assistance to those in need in the community.

Some offer free boxes of food, hot meals, shelters, bill payment assistance, clothing, and more. Check with your local churches to see what charitable programs they offer and if you can get some assistance.