Catholic Charities of Joliet, IL

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Considered to be the fastest growing in Illinois, Joliet is home to many people.

This city in the Chicago area has a lot to offer, but there are at times people who need financial assistance.

Whether they are between jobs, are going through a divorce, or have experienced an illness or injury, people often need help to ensure their basic needs are being met.

Many turn to Catholic Charities of Joliet for financial help during difficult times.


Catholic Charities of Joliet is part of the national organization that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

The organization offers over 3,000 locations around the nation. Each location offers various programs to help meet the needs of those in their community.

Their helpful services are open to everyone, regardless of your affiliation with any religion or your citizenship status.


About Catholic Charities of Joliet


Catholic Charities of Joliet offers four offices to help people in need in the area. There is an office in Will County, one that serves Grundy and Kendall Counties, one in Dupage County, and one that serves Kankakee, Ford, and Iroquis Counties.

Together, they provide a wide range of services to help people throughout the Joliet area and beyond. They provide services to help everyone in the area.


This charity has a mission of helping to end homelessness, so they provide all the help that people need to avoid becoming homeless. They also have programs in place to help those who are homeless and want to change the situation.

Whether you need short term or long term assistance, they can help you with your needs and overall goals.


Some of the helpful services provided through Catholic Charities of Joliet include:


  • Mobile food pantry. They set up dive through pantries throughout the Joliet area. All people have to do is pull up and they will load some food into your vehicle.
  • Community services. They offer emergency housing and supportive services all year long. They help people who are in a crisis situation, with rent/mortgage assistance, free furniture and clothing, and provide financial assistance to purchase prescriptions.
  • Aging and disability services. There are several programs provided by them, including those on money management, a foster grandparent program, long-term care program, senior companion program, and much more.
  • They offer counseling services for groups, individuals, families, seniors, and more. Some people are able to get free counseling, while others may qualify for a reduced rate.
  • Veteran’s services. They provide a range of services for veterans, including, financial assistance, educational assistance, and case management.


They do offer additional services in addition these listed.

The best way to see if they can help you with your particular situation is to contact a location near you to ask about it.

If they cannot help you with your situation they should be able to refer you to a place that can. They do offer referrals to other organizations in the area that provide additional helpful services.


Helpful Charitable Organizations in Joliet, Illinois


Many people turn to Catholic Charities of Joliet when they need financial assistance. They are a great organization to turn to. However, there are others that can also provide you with assistance.

The other organizations provide things like food, shelter, bill payment assistance, and more.


  • Warren-Sharpe Community Center. They offer a pantry to help those in the Joliet area who are in need of food assistance. The pantry allows people to “shop” for the items they would like to take home.
  • Judson Church. They offer a soul food pantry, where twice per month people can stop by to get food items. They provide a drive-through pick-up service for the food distribution.
  • The Guardian Group. They offer food pantries in the Joliet area. They will also provide emergency food supplies for those who need the assistance.
  • Hands of Hope Illinois. They offer free food at various locations in the Joliet area. They also offer locations in other states.
  • Morning Star Mission Ministries. They have a variety of programs to help people, including a food pantry, free hot meals, men’s program, thrift stores, program for women and children, and more.


There is no limit to how many places you can contact at once for assistance.

Be sure to contact enough of them that you get your basic needs met.

Plus, the help they provide never has to be paid back, because it’s not a loan. It’s considered a gift to help those in need in the community.