Catholic Charities of Fresno

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Available Catholic Charities in Fresno, CA

Catholic Charities of Fresno, CA 


California is home to many big cities, including Fresno, a beautiful city that was est. in the early 1900s.

For some people who live in the Fresno area, they may find that they experience financial challenges at times.

In California in general, price of living is the highest in the entire nation.

To be exact, living in California will cost you 41% more than the national average, which is a jaw-dropping number.

It happens to people around the country, and when it does it is important to know where to go for financial help.

By turning to places like Catholic Charities of Fresno, you will be able to get enough help to ensure your basic needs are being met.


Catholic Charities of Fresno is part of the national group that has over 3,000 locations around the nation.

They help people in every state and with a variety of programs. Each location offers different types of locations, so it’s important to contact the one near you to see what programs they are offering.

If they can’t help you at that particular Fresno location, they may able to refer you to a nearby one that can.


Catholic Charities of Fresno, California


In the Fresno area there are three locations of Catholic Charities. One is in the city of Fresno, one is located in Bakersfield, and another one is in Merced.

Each of these three locations offers programs that will help a wide variety of people in the community who are need of assistance.

They also offer a rural outreach program to help people who live farther away from the current locations.


Available of programs offered to the community by Catholic Charities of Fresno:


  • A food pantry provides people with a box of food that will feed the family for a whole week.
  • A clothing program where that provide people with clothing who are in need or have experienced a crisis situation.
  • A diaper program that will help parents who need assistance with obtaining diapers.
  • A voucher program that gives people the money needed in order to get a California ID card.
  • A program offering information and legal guidance to immigrants and those seeking asylum.
  • Disaster relief to help those who have experienced wildfires and other such issues.
  • Rent and mortgage assistance to help people who are finding it difficult to pay their rent or mortgage.
  • Utilities assistance to help people with a low income be able to pay their utility bills.
  • A senior companionship program to help those who are homebound.


Contact the location near you to see what programs are offered that you may get assistance from.

If they don’t offer a program that you are in need of, they may be able to refer you to another location nearby.


Additional Helpful Charitable Organizations in Fresno


While Catholic Charities of Fresno is a great place to contact for financial assistance, there are others you can reach out to as well. Having more places to rely on for help to meet your basic needs will make it easier to make ends meet.

Contact as many places as you feel you can get assistance from or that are close enough to where you live.


  • Sanctuary Transitional Shelter. This place offers an overnight shelter to help those who need assistance. They also offer housing assistance, counseling services, and help with employment.
  • Poverello House. This organization provides a shelter, as well food services. They provide three meals per day that are available to anyone in the community who needs them. They offer the meals onsite, as well as at offsite locations as they do outreach work.
  • Naomi’s House. This is a shelter for single women. Those who stay there have access to basic necessities, including meals, dental care, clothing, and showers. They also provide those who stay there with guidance and classes to help them become self sufficient.
  • Central California Food Bank. Those who need help obtaining food can reach out to this food bank for assistance. They offer it at numerous locations around Central California.
  • The Bulldog Pantry. This is a student run food pantry that will help people with ensuring they have their basic nutritional needs met. Those who need assistance with obtaining food can stop by there to get a box of food to take home with them.


Catholic Charities of Fresno helps many people each year.

It’s a good idea if you need help to reach out to them for assistance, but you don’t have to stop there. You can also contact the other organizations to see what additional help you can get.

By doing this you will get all the help you need.


The Bottom Line

California is an amazing state, with arguably the best weather our country can offer.

That being said, the cost of living in Fresno, CA, can be very challenging to deal with, for some people.

We hope that the list of charity organizations, including catholic charities in Fresno, will help you deal with these costs.

Please make sure you apply to all of them, there is no shame in asking for financial help.

In fact, most of these organizations will be happy to hear from you and help you out, and if theres anything we can do for you, please dont hesitate to shoot as an email.

Last, we ask that you share this post via social media, so we can reach and help as many people as we can.

Thank you and god bless you.