Catholic Charities of Fort Worth

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Those who live in the Fort Worth, Texas area have resources they can turn to if they are experiencing financial difficulty.

One of the most popular organizations that people turn to for help is the Catholic Charities of Fort Worth.

The organization is part of a national network that has locations spread from one end of the country to the other.

They can help you in a variety of ways if you are experiencing financial challenges.

Catholic Charities of Fort Worth was founded in 1910, and today serves 17 counties in the surrounding area.

In doing so, the organization offers a couple of locations, including the Arlington, Texas location, and the Wichita Falls location in the Northwest. The Northwest location provides services to the entire surrounding area.

Both locations have large campuses that provide a wide variety of services to help people in need.


Associated with the Roman Catholic Church, the organization is faith-based, but that doesn’t mean that everyone receiving assistance needs to be.

They will provide assistance to everyone who needs it, regardless of their race, religious beliefs, etc.

Their mission is to help people rise out of poverty, so they provide people with many helpful services.


Location Programs at Catholic Charities of Fort Worth


  • Northwest location – Located in Wichita Falls, this location serves the entire area. The location provides services for veterans and the general public. They help people with utility bills, counseling services, medical care assistance, housing assistance, and more. They also offer an education assistance program for families who are trying to go to a trade program to better their financial situation.
  • Arlington location – Located in the city of Arlington, they offer programs to help people who are experiencing homelessness. They also provide a mentoring program to help families with babies and toddlers. Additional services they provide include help with utilities, transportation, immediate financial relief, dental care, immigration and refugee services, and help with tax preparation.


No matter what it is that you need to help with your current financial situation you can reach out to Catholic Charities of Fort Worth. They can help with a variety of issues, as well as refer you to programs that can also help with your situation. Their programs are free and open to anyone who has a low income and needs the financial assistance. Also, you do not have to ever pay them back for their assistance.


Additional Charity Organizations in Fort Worth, Texas

While Catholic Charities is a popular program to turn to get assistance, there are also others available to you.

Turning to some of these programs may provide additional financial support, they may provide a program that you are not able to find at Catholic Charities, or one of them may be closer for you.

Reach out to all of the organizations to see which ones can provide you with help to ensure your basic needs are being met.


  • Eastside Ministries – This faith-based organization will help people with providing food, clothing, and other essentials. In additional to providing people will free food and clothing, they will also help with screenings for depression and anxiety. Other items they will provide include linens, diapers, household items, hygiene products, etc.
  • Cornerstone Assistance Network – This organization helps people with housing, health services, reentry services, emergency relief, and more. If you need immediate assistance with food, clothing, furniture or medical services, they will help those things.
  • Northside Inter-Community Agency – This agency offers to help people with basic needs and goods. They provide food, clothing, and get people into programs that will help them become more self-sufficient. They also provide counseling for those who are in need.
  • Community Storehouse – This program is focused on helping families with children. They provide wellness and food programs, including a food pantry, weekend snack packs, hygiene products, clothing, etc.
  • First Street Methodist Mission – This faith-based organization is dedicated to helping people in need. They provide food, clothing, limited financial assistance, and help with homelessness.


The Bottom Line

Whether you are going through a difficult financial time and just need some extra money for bills, or you are having mental difficulties and need someone to talk to, these organizations should be able to help.

We are very grateful to have so many people that are willing to help on our staff, so make sure you contact us as well, if we can help in any way.

There is no limit to the number of organizations you can receive help from at one time.

If you are experiencing a difficult financial period, reach out to all of them to see what they can do to help with your situation. Contact Catholic Charities of Fort Worth, as well as other helpful organizations.

They will either be able to directly provide you with the help you need, or should be able to refer you to an organization that can.

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