Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma

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There are many people who live in Eastern Oklahoma who may at times experience financial challenges.

This happens around the country and this area of Oklahoma is not different.

At times people may need help with paying their bills, because they are between jobs, experiencing a divorce, or they have been injured.

No matter what type of reason that has led to the financial challenge, it’s important to know where to go for help when it happens. A popular place that people turn to is Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma.


Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma is part of the national organization that has over 3,000 locations around the country.

They are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, although they do not expect you to be religious to receive help.

In Eastern Oklahoma, they offer 9 locations and offer 15 programs out of them.

The programs help ensure that basic needs are being met during difficult financial times.


All Catholic Charities in Eastern Oklahoma


Each year, Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma provides over 12,000 hot meals to people in the community who are in need. Additionally, they give over 1,000 people immigration legal assistance and help over 300 per year with case management, so they become self-sufficient.

If you contact this location and they cannot help with your specific situation, ask them for a referral to someone who can. They may work with other nearby organizations.


Programs offered through Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma include:


  • Immigration legal services. They offer direct legal services to help those who are working on becoming legal citizens.
  • Disaster outreach. They offer assistance for those who are recovering from natural disasters, including floods, hurricanes, fires, etc.
  • Transitional living. Their program is aimed at helping pregnant women and those who have newborns.
  • Outreach assistance. They take to the streets to offer help to those who are homeless, providing them with food, clothing, and other forms of assistance.
  • Dental care. They provide dental care for those who do not have insurance.
  • Emergency assistance. Their program will help people who are experiencing emergency situations.
  • Food programs. They offer hot meals, as well as bags of food for those who need help obtaining food.


Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma can help with a lot of financial issues if you are struggling.

They can provide food, shelter, emergency assistance, and more.

There are also additional charitable organizations you can turn to for help.

There is no limit to how many places you can get help from at one time, so be sure to reach out to several that are close to you.


Additional Helpful Charitable Organizations in Eastern Oklahoma


  • Salvation Army. This faith-based organization has locations around the country. They provide people in need with free food, shelter, clothing, and more. They may be able to help with bill payment assistance and transportation. Find the center close to you and reach out for help.
  • Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. This organization offers a food pantry. They help provide food to people in the community, including having a senior program, veteran’s food program, and a culinary center that makes 18,000 pounds of food each month to give to people in the community.
  • Good Samaritan Outreach. This organization offers a shelter for men, helping them to find shelter long term. They also help with finding a job, as well as furnishings, and meals.
  • Sand Springs Home. This organization offers a home for children who are in need in the community. They help the children to get a good education and job skills.
  • Ark of Faith Foundation. This organization offers a range of services each week to people in the community. They provide weekly free meals, support for veterans, free classes, and prison ministry.


Many people who need help reach out to Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma.

They have a variety of programs to help people in the community who need assistance.

If they cannot help you with your situation there is a good chance they can tell you where you can get assistance locally.


In addition to these resources, be sure to contact local churches.

Most churches have programs in place that will help people in the community. They will often provide people with shelter, free food, clothing, guidance,burial assistance, financial assistance, and more!

They should be able to help you find a place that will help with your particular situation if they are unable to assist you.

The more places you contact, the more likely you are to ensure your needs are being met.