Catholic Charities of Denver

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Denver is a beautiful city in Colorado, but it’s also one that can be a bit on the expensive side.

In recent years, the city of Denver became even more popular and have seen a consistent growth of around %1 in its population every year for the past five years, according to metro trends.

That growth comes with a some negative effects – the more demand for housing, food, and other products and services, the higher the prices go, in other words, Denver have become a lot more expensive to live in.

This can be difficult for those who live in the city and fall on difficult financial times, for whatever reason.

Those who live in Denver who need financial assistance, whether long or short term, can always to turn to places like Catholic Charities of Denver for help.


Catholic Charities of Denver offers several places that you can get financial assistance, as well as help with other programs. Each location they have in the Denver area serves a different purpose, with some of the location overlapping in services provided.

Reach out to the location that is close to you to see if you can get help from that one, or if they can refer you to which location you can get assistance from going forward.


Catholic Charities of Denver Programs


In the Denver area, Catholic Charities offers several locations to help people from all walks of life.

While the organization is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, you do not have to be in order to receive assistance.

You also do not have to be a religious person, even though it is a faith-based charity.

They help everyone in need and offer thousands of locations around the country.


Here are some of the Catholic Charities of Denver area locations:


  • Western Slope. This location works with multiple charities in the area, ensuring that families get the help they need. This location provides assistance with emergency assistance, homeless prevention programs, and more.
  • Weld County. The Guadalupe Community Center location operates the only shelter in the area. The shelter provides services for families and individuals, providing people with a place to stay, as well as food, and assistance to get on their feet.
  • Larimer County. This location offers services for individuals, families, veterans, and seniors. The programs include offering food, housing assistance, money and employment programs, and more.
  • Marisol Homes. This program provides extended stay housing options for pregnant women and single women with children. The program also helps with childcare and work programs.
  • Lawrence Street. This location in Denver offers hot meals, bathroom services, a shelter, and more.


Each of these locations in the Denver area will provide people with help.

If they don’t offer the service you need at that location, they will be able to help you find somewhere to get the help you need.

They have resources and referrals that can be helpful and provide you with the financial assistance you need during difficult times.


Additional Helpful Charities in Denver

While Catholic Charities is a great resource for those who need help in Denver, it’s not the only place around that you contact.

You can also check with the organizations below for help with everything from food and shelter to bill payment assistance. Some of these organizations may be located closer to you, making it easier to get help from them.


  • Salvation Army Denver. This organization offers a variety of ways they help people in the community, including providing free hot meals, boxes of food, clothing, shelter, family services, and more.
  • Lutheran Services Rocky Mountains. This group helps people by providing emergency assistance, family services, immigration and legal services, and help for seniors and pregnant women.
  • Metro Caring. This organization provides help with food. Those who need help obtaining food can reach out to them for support. They offer a fresh food market, where they let people shop monthly for free food.
  • Community Ministry. This faith-based organization provides a food pantry to help people in need. They also offer a children’s clothing bank. If you need help with food or clothing, they may be able to provide assistance.
  • Denver Rescue Mission. This ministry outreach provides help with providing people with food, clothing, furniture, and more. They also provide emergency assistance, rehabilitation services, transitional programs, holiday meal services, and more.


Each of the charities listed provides people with help. Contact the various places to see which ones are close to you, and if they can help you with your specific needs. The more charities you contact for assistance, the better.

That way, you will be able to ensure all your needs are being met. There’s no limit to the number of charities you can get help from at one time.

The more charities you work with, the better position you will be in to ensure your basic needs are being met.

Bottom Line

If you are in need of financial assistance and reside in Denver, we recommend contacting all of the catholic charities we have listed in this post. In addition, contact your local salvation army and reach out to as many organizations as possible.

The more organizations you reach out to – the more help you may get.

Last, Please share this post via social media so we can help more people.

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