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Dallas is one of the largest and most populated cities in Texas.

That being said, after the recent pandemic, and like most of the nation, the prices of (insert anything here, really) has skyrocketed. People can barely afford food at this point, sadly.

Not to mention that the prices of houses in Dallas have gone up about 40% after the pandemic, according to Redfin.

No wonder that over 1,000,000 have applied for food stamps in the state of Texas, according to WorldPopulation, in 2023 alone.

Fortunately, there are organizations and local charities that can you, if you are in need.

Some of these are the Catholic Charities of Dallas, which is a group of charity organizations with 1 mission in mind – helping people who need help, whether its financial help, medical help, or whatever the case may be.


For those who need help due to having financial problems from a lack of work, an injury or accident, an illness, or something else altogether, it’s nice to know there is help when you need it.


Catholic Charities of Dallas is part of a network of their locations around the country.

They offer locations in every state, with each of them offering helpful financial assistance programs for people in need.

The Dallas location is one of many in the state that will help people with a wide variety of assistance programs.


Locations of Catholic Charities of Dallas


There are seven locations of Catholic Charities in Dallas, including the following:


  • Jude Center Forest Lane – They offer a program providing housing assistance for those who have or are facing homelessness.
  • Jude Center Park Central – This location also offers housing assistance and helps homeless individuals.
  • Cardinal Farrell Community Center – This center offers free educational programs for the public.
  • Jan Pruitt Community Pantry – This location offers a free food pantry, helping people to obtain groceries.
  • Marillac – This location offers a wide variety of helpful services, including disaster relief, hunger services, housing and homelessness services, children’s services, immigration legal services, etc.


Each of these locations offers helpful services for those in need.

Contact the one that is closest to you or that offers the type of help you are in need of, so you can see how to proceed.

The programs provide a broad base of help, so that the needs of many people in the community are met.


Some of the programs at Catholic Charities of Dallas are intended help people with paying utility bills, obtaining food, paying for rent and finding affordable housing, and helping immigrants with their legal needs to become citizens. They provide shelter, food, financial assistance, and more.


Additional Financial Resources in Dallas


If you need financial help in Dallas there are additional programs you can turn to, beyond just reaching out to Catholic Charities.

While Catholic Charities of Dallas does offer a lot of help to people in the community, it’s good to contact other programs as well. The more programs you know about, the better able you will be to being able to get the help you need.

You can receive help from multiple programs at one time, so contact several near you to see what they can do to help with your situation.

Additional Non-Profit & Charity Organizations  in Dallas, Texas


  • Salvation Army – This program has locations around the country, including some in the Dallas area. They provide assistance with a variety of issues, including offering people food, shelter, clothing, and help paying the bills. Contact the location near you to begin the process of getting financial assistance.
  • Mount Olive Food Pantry – This is a good place to get free food for those who are experiencing financial challenges. They do not check your personal information to see if you qualify for help. If you say you need food assistance they will provide it to you.
  • Lutheran Services – This is a faith-based organization that provides financial assistance for those who need help. They work with helping families and individuals to obtain food, pay bills, and more. Locate the branch that is closest to you to move forward with inquiring about assistance.
  • Sharing Life – This organization helps people in need by providing a food pantry, emergency financial assistance, shelter services, and more. If you need help and are having a difficult time finding a doctor or professional you can turn to, this organization may be able to help you find someone.
  • City Square – This organization helps people who are in poverty to find the services they need. They will help you find such things as housing, food, doctors, healthcare, and more.


Most of the charities listed above do not have a difficult process for getting assistance.

In fact, they usually keep it pretty simple to get approved.

If you need help, you can reach out to them to see what they can do to provide you with assistance.

Keep in mind that the help you receive does not ever have to be paid back. They are not loans.

These organizations provide help to those in need without expecting anything to be paid back.


The Bottom Line

Whether you are religious, or not, you can always contact catholic charities in dallas for help. We also mentioned some state-funded organizations in this post and highly encourage you to contact them.

We constantly get emails from our readers saying they got help with paying their rent, medical bills, and even free food.

There is no shame in asking for help, we have all been there in one point of our lives.

Make sure to always pay it forward, and try to help other people – lets all support each other.

Last, we ask that you share this post via social media so we can help more people across the nation.



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