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Chicago is one of the largest cities in the country.

The city is home to many people and there are a lot of tourists that visit each year.

There are also many people who live in the city who need financial assistance for a variety of reasons.

Whether someone has lost their job, experienced a hardship, or doesn’t make enough money to make ends meet, help is going to be needed. Many people turn to Catholic Charities of Chicago when they need assistance.


Catholic Charities is a national organization that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

They have thousands of locations around the country, each offering a variety of programs to help people in need.

Catholic Charities of Chicago services the whole area, providing many people each year with services to help meet their basic needs and more.


Each year, Catholic Charities of Chicago helps over 400,000 people.

They have a budget of over $180 million, which helps ensure that they are able to help in a variety of ways. There are several locations in the Chicago area, which means there is likely one close enough to everyone who needs assistance.


Locations and Services of Catholic Charities in Chicago

There are numerous Catholic Charities of Chicago.

Because the area is large, they offer several locations for people to reach out to for assistance. There are offices in Waukegan, Cicero, Blue Island, Des Plaines, and two within the Chicago city limits.

All of the programs provide helpful assistance for those who have a financial need. You can contact the locations that are near you to start the process of receiving help.


Some of the programs that are offered through Catholic Charities in Chicago include:

  • Basic needs – They provide services to help meet the basic needs of those that contact them. They provide immediate access to food, clothing, and other basic necessities.
  • Youth and families – They offer programs that are geared toward helping families. Catholic Charities of Chicago offers a food pantry, as well as rent and utilities assistance.
  • Seniors – There are helpful programs designed specifically for the senior population in the area. They offer free community meals to everyone, as well as specifically providing senior meal programs.
  • Affordable housing – They offer programs that help people, including veterans, with housing options. They offer a homelessness prevention program and crisis assistance.


Additional Helpful Charities in Chicago


Catholic Charities of Chicago is a great place to turn to for help, but there are also others you can reach out to. Below are some additional programs that will help people with everything from food and shelter to providing some financial assistance to pay bills.


  • Chicago Dream Center – This organization helps people with homelessness, hunger, clothing, and more. They provide groceries and clothing to people in the community who are in need.
  • Fellowship of Christian and Jews – This organization helps individuals, families, orphans, poor, elderly, and more. They will help people with meeting their basic needs, including providing food, shelter, medications, and utilities assistance.
  • All Things Through Christ – This organization offers a food pantry, youth groups, community garden, and more. They help provide food for many people in the community, ensuring that their basic nutrition needs are being met. They also help with things like winter coats, hot meals, etc.
  • Franciscan Outreach – This program helps those in the Chicago area with healthy meals, safe shelters, housing programs, support services, and more. Those who need help with obtaining food or affordable housing can turn to them for assistance. They offer four locations in the area to help people, including at East Garfield Park, North Lawndale, and Pilsen.
  • Salvation Army – This organization, like Catholic Charities, has locations around the nation. They do offer some in Chicago as well, and will help people with meeting their basic needs. They provide programs that offer food, housing, veteran services, addiction services, disaster relief, and much more.


How Can I Get Help From These Charities?

These isn’t specific criteria that qualify you to be eligible to help.

If you are currently dealing with rough financial times, you should contact the charities we mentioned above, and you will get the help you need.

Contact as many of the charities above you feel are close enough to you.

They can each provide services that can help ensure you are having your basic needs met and making ends meet. Keep in mind that you can receive assistance from multiple organizations at one time, and you never have to pay any of it back.

Charities like this exist to help people in need and they typically don’t expect anything in return. If the point comes that you are able to help others, you can do so as a way of paying it forward.


The Bottom Line

As a resident of Chicago, these catholic charities are there to help you, in times of need.

Whether you currently need help with paying your rent, or can’t afford your bills, you should definitely contact them for assistance.

If there is anything that we, at can do to help you, please contact us as well. Our mission is to help as many people as possible in this world.

Last, we ask that you share our website via your favorite social media platform, so we can reach more people.


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