Catholic Charities of Central Florida

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In recent years, the cost of living and housing in Central Florida increased in a mind-boggling pace.

According to Orlando Weekly, the city of Orlando have had the 3rd highest increase in rent, in the entire nation.

These extreme price hikes cause many Floridians to encounter financial difficulties.

Folks are having a hard time paying their bills and fall on harsh financial times many of them turn to charitable organizations for help.

One of the most popular organizations that people turn to is Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

The organization helps people in a wide variety of ways and has earned a great reputation for the work that they do in the community.

Whether you are facing homelessness, are struggling with addiction, need counseling services, or you need help purchasing food and clothing, Catholic Charities of Central Florida may be able to help.

The charity offers programs that will help people who are struggling financially, mentally, and physically. No matter what type of help it is that you need, there is a good chance you will be able to get it from this organization.


Catholic Charities of Central Florida – Locations 

Catholic Charities has 20 locations found throughout Central Florida.

This makes it simple for those who need help to get it.

Their locations are found all around the central portion of the state, usually with one close to everyone who needs help.

Some of the locations in Central Florida include in Melbourne, Cocoa, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Wales, Ocala, Leesburg, Wildwood, Casselberry, Ormond Beach, Winter Haven, Eustis, St. Cloud, and Lakeland.

To find the closest charity near you, click here.

Each location offers different types of services, so it’s important to reach out to the one that is closest to you to see what they can help you with.

If that location doesn’t offer the assistance you need, ask them which location does, so you can make contact with a location that can provide you with the services you need. They will likely try to help you get the help you need at the location closest to you.


Catholic Charities is associated with the Catholic Church and is religious-based.

They do not require that you become a Catholic in order to receive assistance.

They are a faith-based organization that is associated with the Roman Catholic Church. If you would like to become a Catholic, they are happy to provide you with the information and path to do so.


Catholic Charities Assistance Programs in Central Florida


There are numerous types of assistance programs offered through Catholic Charities of Central Florida. Some of the programs offered include:


  • Senior wellness services. This program helps those over the age of 55, helping to promote good health and socialization.
  • Food distribution. The ministries provide people in need with food, including to give them free produce, meats, and pantry items.
  • Behavioral health services. This program provides people with mental health counseling, health awareness, and mental health education.
  • Immigrant refugee services. This program helps immigrants integrate into the community.
  • Family stability program. Families experiencing financial challenges can get help through this program, including housing and bill payment assistance.
  • Human trafficking task force. This program provides support for victims of human trafficking.
  • Immigration legal services. This program helps immigrants with citizenship, employment, and more.
  • Medical and dental clinics. This program provides free medical and dental care clinics for those who need healthcare services.
  • Housing Services. This program helps people locate affordable housing options.
  • Culture of life care. This program helps people with adoption resources, end of life care, pregnancy resources, and more.


How Can I Get Help from Catholic Charities?


If you live in Central Florida and need help, you can always turn to Catholic Charities.

They have helped many people over the years, providing them with food, clothing, shelter, counseling services, and much more. The services are typically free and they keep it simple and straightforward to apply for assistance.

The organization can help you with obtaining food, paying bills, housing, shelter, counseling, and much more.

If you have fallen on difficult financial times, they can help ensure your basic needs are met during that difficult time.


To get help from Catholic Charities of Central Florida, visit their website here to find the location closest to you. Call or visit them to see if you can get help for the situation you are experiencing.

There is no fee to use the services they offer and their assistance never has to be paid back. It’s considered a gift to help those in need.


Catholic Charities of Central Florida was founded in 1962, but the main organization was founded in 1910.

The organization has a history of providing help for those in need around the country. Each year, the national organization helps over 15 million people out of over 3,000 locations around the country.


Additional Local Charities in Florida


There are other charitable organizations throughout Central Florida that will also provide you with assistance.

You can contact each of these on the phone or in-person to see what types of assistance they can provide to you.

Here are some to explore in Central Florida:


  • Salvation Army – With locations throughout Central Florida, you can contact one to get help with hot meals, free clothing, shelters, and more.
  • Charity and Love – Located in Orlando, they provide assistance with utility bills, as well as applying for federal grant programs.
  • Christian Service Center – Located in Orlando, this organization provides a range of services, including helping people with food, clothing, shelter, rent, and paying utilities.
  • Servant’s Heart Ministry – This organization provides food assistance in Central Florida.
  • One Heart for Women and Children – This Orlando-based organization offers a food pantry to help people with obtaining groceries.


The Bottom Line

We all need help sometimes, and you might find this post while in a tough spot. But do not lose hope.

There are many charity organizations that will be glad to help you if you are a resident of central Florida.

Reach out to your local catholic charities or other charity organizations, tell them what happened, and we are confident that they will welcome you in open arms, and provide the help you need.

Wether you need help with paying your bills, temporary housing, or whatever the situation may be, the have the resources and will to help people out.

Feel free to contact us if we can help in any way as well, and please share this post to your social media, so we can help more people in these difficult times.

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