Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo, New York is home to a lot of people, and some of them may find that they struggle financially at times.

This doesn’t just happen in Buffalo but across the nation.

The cost of goods and services is rising faster than salaries can keep up with, leaving many people struggling financially.

The good news is there are places you can turn to for help, including Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York.


Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York is a faith-based organization that many people turn to each year for assistance. T

he group is part of a national organization that has over 3,000 locations, helping people in every state.

Every location provides different types of services to help the people in need in that community.

While they are a religiously affiliated organization, they do not expect the people they help to be religious. They provide services to everyone in need.


Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York


There are several locations of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, with one likely nearby most people. There is a location in Allegany County, Cattaraugus County, Chautauqua County, and more. Within that general area, there are numerous places that have been placed to help people in different locations.


Some of the services that are provided by the different locations include:


  • Emergency needs. If you have an immediate need for food or shelter they can help provide those services to you and your family.
  • Food pantries. They offer several food pantries to help people obtain the food they need to meet their basic needs.
  • Counseling services. They provide free counseling services for individuals, families, and veterans.
  • They also offer marriage counseling services.
  • They offer shelters for men, women, and families. The shelters will give people a place to stay short term and they offer case management to help people become self-sufficient in the long run.


Those who live in the Buffalo, New York area should reach out to Catholic Charities of Buffalo to see if they can provide the type of assistance they need.

If they cannot help you with your situation, then there are other places you can turn to for help. You can also reach out to the additional places even if Catholic Charities is able to help. By working with several charities, you will have your needs met, and be on the road to getting on your feet.


Other Helpful Non-Profit Charities in Buffalo, New York


There are numerous charities in the Buffalo area that will help you with your financial challenges.

They will help by providing you with food, shelter, finding affordable housing, paying utility bills, and more. You can contact more than one organization at a time to get help from multiple places.


Here are some additional charities to contact for help in Buffalo:


  • Feed More. This organization provides food charities and pantries. They also offer meals on wheels, which deliveries meals to those in need or who are homebound. The whole goal of this organization is to help people with their nutrition needs.
  • Hearts for the Homeless. This organization provides a mobile pantry, stationary pantries, mobile soup kitchen, shelter, and thrift store. They will help people by giving them free meals, boxes of food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Friends of the Night. This organization is focused on providing food and necessities to those on in need. They do homeless outreach, and give away food, clothing, and other necessities in the community. They also provide people with free counseling, medical care, and more.
  • The Good Shepherd Food Pantry. This church-affiliated organization runs a food pantry to provide people with free food supplies. They distribute free food every Wednesday. You have to be registered with them in order to get the free food.
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This is part of a national organization that provides people with help. They offer free meals, food, and more. They offer free box lunches every afternoon for those who need them in the community.


If you are in Buffalo and need financial help you have several places you can turn to.

By doing so you will ensure you are having your needs met. Contact Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York, but be sure to consider the other places as well.

You can get help from several at once and you never have to pay back the assistance, because it’s not considered a loan. The more help you get, the better you will be able to make ends meet.