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In the US, getting justice can be very expensive.

Attorney fees are extremely high typically, whether you are the defendant or plaintiff,  you need some financial backing when you get into legal battles.

However, if you need help paying for legal assistance, there is hope.

There are many catholic charity programs that were designed to help you pay these fees.

Every city around the country has legal offices, where attorneys work, providing their services to those in the community.

When someone needs an attorney they can give them a call and hire them to do the legal work that they need done.

When someone who is financially challenged or low-income needs an attorney it can be a whole other story, because they may not have the funds to hire an attorney.

The good news is that they can turn to Catholic Charities legal assistance.


Catholic Charities legal assistance is one way that people can get the help they need.

Whether they need help for a lawsuit or another type of legal issue, they can get assistance through this organization.

While the organization is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and is faith-based, they do not require that those they help be religious or Catholic.


As a national organization, Catholic Charities legal assistance can be found across the country.

The organization offers over 3,000 locations in the country.

While not all of them provide legal assistance, many of them do. If you contact a location that does not offer free legal assistance, inquire about where you can get it, because they can likely refer you to a place that can help.


About Catholic Charities Legal Assistance


If you need legal assistance and can’t afford to hire an attorney, you can still find help thorough Catholic Charities.

Legal assistance is something they provide to people, to help them with answering their questions and providing guidance with their cases.

Their services are open to everyone who needs assistance and they make it easy to get the help you need to address your case and paperwork.


One of the most popular reasons that people contact Catholic Charities legal assistance is regarding immigration.

Some people may qualify for free legal assistance, while others are charged a low cost for the services.

Some of the legal issues they are able to help people with include immigration, citizenship, employment, family petitions, asylum, victims of trafficking, permanent residency, and more.


Catholic Charities has helped many people become citizens and address their legal issues.

Reach out to the organization to see how they can help you with legal assistance, or if they can refer you to an organization that will be able to.

If you need legal assistance and don’t live near a Catholic Charities, then there are other resources you can turn to.


Additional Charity Legal Assistance Programs


There are other legal assistance programs that are offered around the country.

The programs provide people with a low cost way to get the legal help they need. Below are additional charity legal assistance programs that are offered through other organizations.

Reach out to any organizations that may have locations near you, or that you feel may be able to provide you with the free or low cost legal assistance you need.


  • Salvation Army. This organization offers locations around the country. They provide people with a variety of helpful programs, including legal assistance, free food, clothing, and more. Their programs can help immigrants with citizenship issues, as well as citizens with other legal issues that need to be addressed.
  • Catholic Charities Community Services. This is a separate pro bono project that is put out by Catholic Charities. They are located in New York and they provide free legal assistance. They will do such things as prepare asylum applications, litigate asylum cases, help unaccompanied minor children, empower survivors of violence, and assist immigrants with unification.
  • American Bar Association. This organization represents attorneys around the country. They can provide you access to information about attorneys in your area who offer free legal assistance. Use their site or contact them to inquire about an attorney specializing in your topic that is in your area. They have access to a list of attorneys who provide free legal help. They also provide free legal answers to help you move along through the process and understand the procedures.


When looking for free legal assistance, be sure to keep the terminology in mind.

Most of the time, you will see it referred to as “pro bono,” which means that it is free.

Many attorneys and organization offer free legal assistance for those who need it.

Others may provide you with a low cost option, which will still help you to get the help you need, without breaking the bank. Legal issues can be costly if you don’t know where to turn for help, so be sure to contact the places above.


The Bottom Line

If you are in need of free legal assistance, use the catholic charity programs we have listed in this post. You have many options.

Being involved in any legal situation can be extremely stressful and scary, but we can assure you – it will eventually pass.

Be aware of your mental state and make sure you try to stay calm, you don’t want this process to negatively affect your health.

We hope this post helped you with getting some legal help, and if we can do anything further please contact us.

Also make sure you contact all of the catholic charity organizations in your area, to get faster assistance.

Last, please share this post via social media so we can help more people, who are in need.

Thank you and god bless.


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