Catholic Charities Furniture Assistance

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Everyone who has a place to live needs furniture.

The problem is that it can be costly at times. And with the rising costs of production after the pandemic we just experienced, they can be very hard to get for many Americans.

Most newly purchased furniture is expensive.

Even some used furniture can be expensive, and it can be difficult to come by what it is that you are in need of to begin with.

Many people turn to Catholic Charities furniture assistance to get the help they need with obtaining household items.


Catholic Charities furniture assistance programs will provide people with common household items that they are in need.

They typically do not charge for the items.

They simply give them to the people who are in need or are experiencing financial difficulties, or to put in simple words, don’t have enough extra money to buy their own furniture.

Some of the furniture assistance you may be able to get from Catholic Charities includes items such as:


  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Televisions
  • Bookshelves
  • Tables
  • Lamps
  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Desks


Catholic Charities furniture assistance programs are made possible by people donating the items they no longer need.

This allows the charity to then take those items and give them to someone who happens to need that item.

Not only does it save money and help people who need furniture assistance, but it is also better for the environment.

It helps to keep these items from going to a landfill. Rather than put the items out to the road for trash, people have somewhere to give them to, allowing them to be used longer.


How to Get Catholic Charities Furniture Assistance


If you need some furniture for your home you can typically get it for free by reaching out to Catholic Charities.

Furniture assistance is one of many services they provide to the public.

They also offer free food, housing assistance, and a variety of other charitable programs. To get furniture assistance, contact your local Catholic Charities. Let them know what it is that you need and see if they can get it for you.


If they are not able to locate the type of furniture you need, they may able to refer you to others in your area that can help locate those items.

The organization has over 3,000 locations around the country, so there is a good chance they have one close to you.

While they are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, you do not have to be religious at all to receive help from their organization. They help everyone in the community who has a financial need.


Free Furniture for Low Income Families


If you don’t have any Catholic Charities near you or they don’t have what it is that you are in need of, there are other options. There are other charities around the country that will provide people with furniture assistance.

In addition to reaching out to the charities below to see if you can get furniture assistance, also contact churches in your area, and thrift stores that are associated with churches.

Additionally, join a local curb alert group that posts free furniture that has been put to the curb for the taking.


  • Salvation Army. This organization runs thrift stores around the country, which helps them be able to gather furniture. They will then allow those in need to get the furniture. Contact a location near you to inquire about how to go about getting the furniture items you need. In addition to furniture assistance, they will also provide people with help paying their utility bills, and locating affordable housing.
  • Vincent de Paul. This faith-based organization also runs thrift stores around the country, which allows them to take in donated items and give them to those in need. Contact a location close to you to inquire about getting furniture assistance. They will also help people by providing free clothing and food.
  • Lutheran Services. This organization is also faith-based and will provide people with furniture assistance. Contact a location in your area to inquire about how to go about getting the help.
  • Facebook Marketplace “Free” section. Did you know? there is a “free” section in the facebook marketplace, where people will donate their furniture and other items, to low income families and people who are in need of help.
  • Craigslist “Free Stuff” Section. Similar to facebook marketplace, there is a section where people donate their unwanted furniture and other household items. Some people donate simply because they want to help, some because they don’t want to pay a mover, but regardless of the reason – this is an opportunity for you to get free furniture, should you need it.
  • Goodwill. You have probably heard of goodwill, most of their furniture are used and priced very low, however, in some cases we heard that they also donate furniture completely for free. Reach out to your local goodwill and see if there is anything they can do for you.
  • OfferUp. Have you heard of “offer up”? did you know that they also have a “Free” section, that at the time of this post, is full of furniture people are wanting to donate, completely for free? Reach out to these people, tell them your story, and get furniture completely for free. Our nation is filled with good  people and charity organizations, that truly want to help you.


There are many churches in the country that have a thrift stores on site.

The items in there are usually donated by members of the congregation.

If you have one like this in your community, reach out to them for help. They typically charge a low price for these, but in some cases, if you are in need, they will give it away for free.

If they have the items there they may give you the furniture assistance then.

If they do not have something in stock at the time that you are asking for it, they may let the congregation know that someone in the community is in need of a particular type of furniture.

This will prompt people to donate it to you.


The Bottom Line

There is no shame of needing help, especially during these tough financial times.

In this post we listed all available catholic charities’ furniture assistance programs that we know of, and some other ways to get furniture, completely for free.

If you own a facebook account, and are in need of help, making a simple post that shortly describes the situation, can also help you. You don’t have to go into details, just ask for furniture or whatever it is you need for your house if all else fails, and you will be surprised at how many good people are willing to help. Thats the beauty of America, we are always there for each other.





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