Catholic Charities Funeral Assistance

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Planning a funeral is something nobody wants to do.

It’s usually a sad and somber time, and people are stressed out.

It’s also a time that people are faced with the reality of the costs of having a funeral.

The average funeral in America will set you back around $7,000, which is money that most people simply don’t have.

The good news is that there are organizations that will help people cover the costs, including Catholic Charities’ funeral assistance.

Funeral assistance is something that many people need, but most don’t give it much thought until tragedy strikes. No matter where you live in America, there are organizations that will help with covering the costs.

Catholic Charities funeral assistance is one possible solution.


About Catholic Charities Funeral Assistance


Catholic Charities is a national organization that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. They provide a wide variety of services to help those in need in the country.

They provide food, shelter, clothing, housing, and more.

They also help people with emergency services, including helping with covering funeral expenses by providing funeral assistance.

To obtain Catholic Charities funeral assistance it is important to contact the location that is near you or near the person who the funeral is for.

Most provide burial and funeral assistance and support, and if that specific location doesn’t, and then they should be able to help you find a local resource that can.

Obtaining funeral assistance is something that many charities will do to help those in need.

Most people who die do not have a life insurance policy in place when they do, which would otherwise be used to help cover such costs.

When someone dies without a life insurance policy in place the funeral costs are put onto their loved ones. That is when it is important to turn to Catholic Charities. Funeral assistance is something they will help people with around the country.


Additional Funeral Assistance Charities


Catholic Charities’ funeral assistance is one option that people have if they need help covering funeral expenses. There are other organizations that will also help people pay for funeral expenses if they cannot afford it.

Contact one or more of the organizations below to see what type of help they can provide in covering the costs of burial and having a funeral.


  • Veterans Administration. If your loved one was a veteran they can get funeral assistance through the government. The Veterans Administration will provide people with up to $2,000 toward funeral expenses. If the person who died was ever a veteran, contact them to see what type of help they can provide toward funeral assistance.
  • Lincoln Heritage Funeral Assistance. This organization will help with funeral assistance, including knowing your rights, what to expect, how to plan the funeral, and how to pay for it.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is a government-funded organization that will provide funeral assistance if the death is related to specific things, including COVID-19. They will cover funeral costs, cremation, for caskets, and more.
  • United Way. This organization can provide you with information about how to pay for funeral expenses in your local area. By contacting the United Way, they will take your zip code and put it into their database to locate organizations in your area that will help cover the costs.
  • Department of Behavioral Health. This organization is located in Washington DC. They help people pay for funeral and burial costs. They will provide people with up to $1,000 to help cover the costs of burial, up to $2,000 to help cover the costs of cremation, and up to $3,000 to help cover the costs of a casket.


Above are some options you can consider for help with covering funeral costs.

Catholic Charity’s funeral assistance is one option that many people who need help turn to, but be sure to consider the others as well.

It’s a difficult time, but the more help you can get covering the costs, the less stress you will have. Don’t be afraid to reach out to multiple organizations to see what help they can provide to you for your loved one.


Another option is to contact your local government.

Many city government offices have funeral assistance programs that people don’t often know about, so they are underutilized.

Contact them to see if your city offers one, or if they know a local organization that can help with funeral costs. Many charities and churches in your area also will likely provide the assistance you need.


Funeral Assistance for Veterans

If your loved one who passed away happened to be a US veteran, we recommend contacting the VA.

They offer a program called ‘ Burial Benefits’  where they will pay up to $2000 for burial expenses, for US Veterans.

In order to apply, they ask that you send some documentation and proof, but from our past experience, the process is extremely quick and the VA does an outstanding job in providing burial assistance as fast as possible.



The Bottom Line

Death is a part of life, and something we will all experience. As hard as it is, not being able to afford a funeral can make things even worse.

That is exactly why it was very important to us to publish this article as soon as possible, and we have thoroughly researched and have found as many charity organizations that help with paying for funeral arrangements, as we could.

If you know of any other organizations that we missed in this post, please be kind enough to contact us so we can list them.

Last, please share this post via social media so we can help others as well.

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