Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan

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Most people who are familiar with Flint, Michigan know it for the water crisis that it had.

The city is known for many other things, but in recent years it has fallen on difficult economic times.

With many manufacturing plants closing it has left a lot of people without good-paying jobs.

This has led to a situation where many people in the city are struggling to make ends meet.

The good news is there are places they can turn to, such as Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan.


Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan is part of the national organization that has over 3,000 locations.

In every state in the country there are locations of Catholic Charities, each providing people with helpful programs.

The services they provide to the public help ensure that they are able to have their basic needs met during difficult financial periods.

No matter what the reason is for people needing help, there is a good chance this organization will be able to provide it.


Catholic Charities in Flint, Michigan


This organization serves both Genesee County and Shiawasee County in Michigan.

There are a range of services they provide to the people who live in the Flint and surrounding areas.

Both locations offer services that are aimed at meeting the needs of people in the community.


Here are some of the programs offered by Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan:


  • Meal programs. The organization serves up meals regularly, giving people a way to get out of the cold, have a hot meal, and socialize with others in the community. Hot meals are served up every day of the year.
  • Community services. The programs offered provide people much-needed help during the holidays, including helping purchase gifts for kids. They also provide a community Easter dinner every year.
  • Counseling services. Everyone in the community can get counseling services. They offer counseling for individuals, families, veteran’s, and more. Whether you need counseling for grief, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or something else, they can help.
  • Offender success programs. They offer a program to help people who have been released from incarceration so that they are successful in the long run.
  • Water distribution. This program helps provide clean drinking water to the people who live in the Flint area.
  • Prevention and education. They offer these programs to other organizations in the area, helping them to reach more people in the community.
  • Community closet and food pantry. They provide people with the basic necessities of offering food and clothing to those in need in the community.


No matter what type of help you need, there is a good chance that Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan will be able to provide it. If they cannot, they will likely refer you to an organization nearby that can help you.

They work with other community partners to ensure that the needs of people in Flint are being met.


Additional Financial Assistance in Flint, Michigan


It’s a good idea to contact Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan for help. Additionally, there are some other organizations to reach out to for assistance. The more places you contact, the better able you will be to ensure your needs are being met.


  • Shelter of Flint. This organization provides an emergency shelter, as well as helps people find affordable housing.
  • My Brother’s Keeper. This is a shelter for homeless men in the Flint area. They also offer an outreach program that provides people with food, showers, laundry, basic needs, dinner, case management, and more.
  • Sister Claudia Burke Center for Hope. This organization offers a community closet where people can get personal need items, hygiene products, clothing, and household goods.
  • South Flint Soup Kitchen. This organization provides free meals every day to those in the community who need them. They are open every day, except for Sunday.
  • Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. This organization helps people and other organizations in the city with obtaining food. They help distribute food throughout 22 counties.


Those who live in Flint who experiences difficult financial times have places they can turn to.

While one of the most popular places to turn to for help is Catholic Charities of Flint, Michigan, they are not the only organization that helps people.

There are additional charities that provide assistance to people in the community who are struggling to make ends meet. Contact all the places that are near you to get assistance so that your basic needs are being met.

Catholic charities have other assistance options, such as assisted living , free legal representation, and even cash assistance.

It is important that you are familiar with these programs, if you are in need of help.


The Bottom Line

That sums up our coverage of all catholic charities in Flint, MI, and the additional organizations that we know of.

That being said, we urge you to contact us, if you know any other charities that are open to helping Flint residents who are in need of help.

By doing so, you will help us in helping more people.

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