Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs families have a higher average yearly income than most other places.

They also have a lower poverty rate of 10%, which is lower than many other cities.

However, some residents of Colorado Springs, who are struggling financially, need to have places they can turn to for assistance.

Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs is one of the most popular places that people turn to for help when they are experiencing financial challenges in the city.

The charity will help people with a variety of programs, ensuring that their basic needs are being met.


Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs is part of the larger national group that has over 3,000 locations in the country.

They are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, but they do not expect those they help to be religious.

They have a mission of helping everyone in the community who needs assistance. By contacting a location near you they will be able to tell you what programs they have in place that can assist with your particular needs.


About Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs


Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs is also called Catholic Charities of Central Colorado.

They have four locations that provide services in the area to anyone who needs it.

One is the main Colorado Springs office, one is the Marian House, one is the Castle Rock Office, and the last one is the Helen Hunt Campus.


The various services provided by these locations include:


  • Family services. Through the family services programs they provide help to people who need food, clothing, shelter, and long term assistance to become self sufficient. They also provide immigration help and provide resources to refugees.
  • Emergency / essential services. Through this program they will help people pay bills, obtain clothing and necessities, get utility payment assistance, and more. They will help people with shelters and finding affordable housing. This area of the program will help individuals and families with most of their basic needs.
  • Health and well being services. This part of the program offers free counseling services to those who need them. They also help women who are pregnant and need assistance.
  • Paths to opportunity services. This program is designed to help people become self sufficient. They will provide people with assistance in obtaining job training and becoming employed.


Other Charities in Colorado Springs


While many people reach out to Catholic Charities for assistance when they experience financial difficulty, there are other charities that will help as well.

By contacting more than one place you will be sure to get the help you need to get by and have all of your basic needs met.

Plus, all of the financial assistance you receive from any of the places never has to be paid back, because it’s not a loan.

The help is considered a gift to assist those in need in the community.


  • Charity’s Hope Community Resources. This organization offers most of the types of services that people need if they are experiencing a financial challenge. They offer a pantry, clothing, help with rent and utilities, job services, and more. They are a faith-based organization that provides services to those who are homeless, as well as others in the community who need help. They offer clothing for adults and children all year long. They will also help people with preparing a resume so they can use it to apply for jobs.
  • Care and Share. This organization focuses on making sure that people get the food they need to survive and thrive. They provide a food bank and offer mobile food pantries to help those who cannot get out in order to pick up the food. They also provide a pantry neighborhood market, where people can shop in a grocery store that is filled with free food.
  • Spring Rescue Mission. This organization helps the homeless by offering food and shelter services. In addition, they provide case management services, job training, and more. They provide people with three healthy meals per day, as well as offer access to laundry, shower, and medical services.
  • Salvation Army. This organization is faith-based and part of a national one that has locations around the country. They will provide help with food, clothing, shelters, counseling, and more.


If you are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot pay your bills, find a place to live, or obtain food, the above places can help.

Contact several of them to get the services you need to ensure you get the things that will help you get by and get back on your feet.