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Did you know? 2% of all US seniors live in an assisted living facility, according to Zippia.

The problem is, living in an assisted living facility can be very expensive at times.

In fact, the average cost to live in an assisted living facility is around $4500 per month.

Some people simply can’t afford to pay for that kind of expense, as much as they or their loved ones need to live in one.

That’s why, some charity organizations, including a large number of catholic charities, started offering help to people who can’t pay for assisted living.

In today’s post, we will name some of these organizations – so you can reach out and apply for help.

When you reach out to programs such as Catholic Charities assisted living, you will be able to get the help you need to ensure your ends are being met.

Whether you need financial assistance, housing or homelessness help, or you need help with paying bills and obtaining medical equipment, Catholic Charities assisted living can help you.


One of the good things about receiving help through a place like Catholic Charities is that you will not have to ever pay it back.

They offer a lot of different programs to help people those in need, and nobody ever has to worry about trying to pay it back. They do not provide loans. Rather, they help people by giving them what it is that they need to meet their basic needs.


About Catholic Charities Assisted Living


Catholic Charities assisted living is one of many programs that the organization offers to help people.

Nationally, they have over 3,000 locations to serve people in communities.

The organization is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and has a mission of helping people, particularly those who experience homelessness or need help with meeting their basic needs.


Some of the programs that Catholic Charities provides to assist people with their living needs include:


  • Affordable housing. The organization can help people find housing options in their community that will be affordable. They also help by providing emergency shelters, as well as helping people with long-term solutions, so they avoid homelessness. They have helped thousands of people obtain affordable housing units, as well as helped many seniors become housed, and helped many by providing people with emergency housing services.
  • Integrated health. Catholic Charities provides health-related services to vulnerable populations around the country. Their services help people with their physical and mental health and wellness, providing people access to care and resources that they may otherwise not be able to receive.
  • Foundational services. There are numerous services provided by Catholic Charities that are considered foundational. They are at the core of what the organization is focused on and who it is focused on helping. The services help people across all spectrums of life, from babies to seniors. They also help with all types of services that people of all ages may need.
  • Senior Services. The organization has an area that is focused on helping seniors. They aim to reduce the isolation and help them engage in something that is meaningful. They run several senior-focused programs to help meet the needs of this segment of the population.


Additional Charitable Assisted Living Options


Those who need help with assisted living should reach out to Catholic Charities to see what type of help they can provide. Additionally, there are other charitable organizations to contact.

By reaching out to several organizations there is a good chance that you will find one that is providing the service you need, or that can refer you to an organization that can.


Other Charity Organizations that Help with Assisted Living & Housing Assistance


  • Catholic Health Services. This organization provides personalized care options, providing people with the support they need. The services they provide include personalized help, dining, wellness and social benefits. They also help with social outings and transportation.
  • Franciscan Ministries. This Christian-based charity helps people with their senior assisted living needs. They provide assisted living, independent living, memory care, nursing assistance, respite care, and more. They offer a variety of solutions to help people with their situation.
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This is a government-funded organization, but they will help those with a low income to find affordable housing. They will also provide help to those who need assisted living options. They have access to government-owned housing options, as well as the ability to provide people with referrals to services that can help with their unique situation.
  • Catholic Housing Management. This organization helps people find affordable assisted living options. They also provide a variety of other programs for senior citizens. Those who need affordable assisted living should contact them for details about their services.

Bottom Line

If you or a loved one needs help with paying for assisted living, there are numerous catholic charities you can contact.

We have listed them in this post, and recommend that you contact all of them, in order to increase your approval chances.

There are other charity organizations that offer free housing and assisted living for the elderly as well, make sure you do some research if you weren’t approved by the catholic ones for any reason.

If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us, we hope you found this post useful, and ask that you share it via social media so we can help others as well.

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