Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma city

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Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City and the Surrounding Areas

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the 8th largest city in the United States.

Known for its oil rigs and beautiful horse shows, it is definitely a great place to live in.

With that being said, in recent years, the inflation and high cost of living didn’t skip OKC.

Many residents can’t afford their bills, and in need of financial assistance.

For these residents, who need financial help in Oklahoma City , we have decided to write a list of all available catholic charity organizations in Oklahoma City and list of all of the organizations that might be willing to help out.


Making ends meet and ensuring basic needs are being met is a concern everyone has at times.

The good news is that there are places that you can turn to if you need help paying for things or obtaining essential goods. Many people turn to Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City for help when they experience financial challenges.


Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City is part of the national organization that has over 3,000 locations around the country.

In the Oklahoma City area, they have four offices to help meet the needs of those in the area.

The office locations include Ardmore, Enid, Lawton, and Woodward. Each of the locations provides a variety of services to help people who have a low income or are experiencing financial difficulties.


About Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City


If you live in the Oklahoma City area and need help, there is a good chance you will be able to get it from Catholic Charities. The organization provides numerous programs to help different segments of the population.

While the organization is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, they do not expect you to be.

They will help everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.


Some of the helpful programs offered through Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City include:


  • Walk-in services. People are able to walk into the main lobby to get assistance. They provide people with food packs, hygiene packs, bus passes, diapers, and more. They will also provide information on where and how you can get the type of help you are in need of.
  • Homelessness help. They have a program that helps homeless women and children. It’s offered at two locations in the area. They also help the homeless woman to use resources to gain life skills so they can get on their feet and become self sufficient.
  • Housing and family services. They offer help with emergency rent and utility assistance, sponsored family housing, and sponsored senior housing. They help low income people to find affordable housing solutions. They also offer disaster assistance.
  • Immigration and refugee services. Their programs help immigrants and refugees to get settled and seek citizenship. They also provide legal assistance to those who need it, including offering consultations.
  • Counseling services. Individuals and families who have a low income and are in need of counseling services may be able to get it through the organization.


Additional Helpful Charities in Oklahoma City


If you need help with affordable housing, obtaining food, or need help paying your utility bill, Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City is a good place to start.

There are other places you can also turn to for financial assistance. Contacting several places will help ensure that you get the assistance you need.

Keep in mind that they are not giving you loans when they help you, so don’t worry about ever having to pay back the funds.


  • Other Options. This organization offers a food pantry, where people can go shop for what they need. They also provide referrals to other programs in the area that help with a variety of needs. Their referral program is a good resource to help match you with a local program that can help your situation.
  • Dream Center of Oklahoma City. This center helps people who are in transition. They have a closet that is open to people in need who can get clothing, so that they feel confident looking for a job. They also have a food pantry to help those who need hot meals and boxes of food to take home.
  • Salvation Army. This faith-based organization offers locations around the country. In Oklahoma City, they provide people with access to food pantries, meal programs, community gardens, shelters, free food, clothing, and more.
  • Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. This is a large food bank that helps ensure that basic food needs are being met for the people in the area. If you need help obtaining food, contact them for assistance.


If you need help you can start out by reaching out to Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City.

Be sure to also contact the other charitable organizations that are in the area. They also offer helpful programs that will provide you with the assistance you need to make sure your basic needs are being met.

They can also provide you with referrals to places that may help with paying bills, finding you affordable housing, and providing you with boxes of food.