Catholic Charities of Acadiana

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Acadiana is a well known region in the state of Louisiana that is known to many as Cajun Country.

It’s also a place where there are people who need financial help at times. Some people may not be able to find a good paying job, while others have a job, but can’t keep up pace with the rising cost of inflation.

Still others may experience financial issues for a variety of reasons. No matter what the reason, it’s important they turn to places like Catholic Charities of Acadiana for help.


Catholic Charities of Acadiana is part of the larger organization that offers locations around the country.

The organization is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and offers over 3,000 locations around the nation.

Each location offers different programs that help to serve the needs of the people who need help in the community they are found in.


Available Catholic Charities of Acadiana, LA


There are several locations of Catholic Charities of Acadiana, each offering a different type of service.

They can be found in various places around Lafayette. There are programs to help with a variety of needs.


Here are some of the issues that Catholic Charities of Acadiana offers help with:


  • They provide shelters to help with homelessness, including individuals and families, as well as veterans. They also offer basic hygiene services for those who are seeking that type of assistance.
  • Food services. They provide free breakfast and lunch to anyone who needs it. They also offer a food bank, where they will provide people with food that they can take home.
  • Emergency assistance. Those who have experienced a crisis situation can get help to get back on their feet. Emergency assistance can be provided immediately if it is needed.
  • Financial assistance. They will help those who have had a reduction in their income. They help with paying utility bills, purchasing prescriptions, and other things on a case-by-case decision.
  • They provide a free clinic to those who are sick or need healthcare assistance. They will also provide some dental assistance, such as necessary dental extractions. They can also provide referrals for issues they cannot help with, such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


There is a good chance that no matter what type of financial help you need you should be able to get it from Catholic Charities of Acadiana.

However, there are other places you can reach out to as well.


Additional Charities in Acadiana


Some of these organizations may be closer to you than Catholic Charities of Acadiana.

They may also focus on the type of program that it is you need.

You can contact Catholic Charities and these places below to get help.

There’s no limit to how many places you can contact at one time for assistance.

Keep in mind that you never have to pay back any of the help you receive from any of these charities.


  • Outreach Center. This place offers a shelter to help those who are homeless. They also provide housing services and an outreach food program. They head out to the streets to help people who are homeless, by providing them with food and assistance. Their housing services program will help people with paying rent, security deposits, life skills training, housing relocation, and more.
  • United Way. This national organization can help with such things as food, housing, and utility bills. They help families and individuals, as well as having programs for veterans. They can also help with crisis situations and providing immediate relief.
  • Acadiana Cares. This organization focuses on providing help for people in the community with primary health care, substance abuse support, obtaining prescriptions, and having necessary health tests done.
  • DesOrmeaux Foundation. This organization helps people by offering a women’s center, maternity homes, and more. They primarily work with women who are pregnant and are in need of financial assistance. They offer a maternity home to help such women, providing them with the resources they need during pregnancy.


If you are in the Acadiana area and you need financial assistance be sure to contact Catholic Charities.

In Acadiana they are the most popular resource for obtaining help with getting food, clothing, shelter, and more.

You can also reach out to the additional organizations to see what type of help they may be able to provide to you.

The more places you contact the more likely you will be to have your basic needs met.